by Brown Rainbow

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Good enough is good enough.
Reflection on life as an aimless asshole.


released December 12, 2012

It's a Brown Rainbow Jawn
Drumz: Kevin Paschall
Gitboxin/Throat Vibrations: Jawn J Johnsonson
Recorded and mastered by DudeRockstar
Soundscaped by Bill Clinton's left testicle



all rights reserved


Brown Rainbow Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Two dudes doin the do.

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Track Name: Blade The Bulldog
Blade Blade
Blade Blade the bulldog.

Blade Blade
Blade Blade the bulldog.

Blade Blade
Blade Blade the bulldog.

Me and Blade
Gettin high on the couch.
Track Name: Cosas
I know I never said I never wanna be a man.
But now I'm here,
And full of fear,
And not sure what the next day brings.

I know I'm gonna die.
I know I'll never fly.
I gotta say that I'm not too psyched.
But I'ma do the things that I want to do.
Nothing is forever mother fucker,
get a clue.

We're on a rock in space
The whole human race
On a rock in space
We'll disappear without a trace

Call me crazy but
I don't give a fuck.
God is dead
and he never really cared for us.
Track Name: Being 8 & 21
I'm happy it's cool.
I got lot's of friends at school.
But mom says something's wrong inside my head.
Yeah something's wrong inside my head.

ADD, Dyslexia,
Teenage anorexia.
Answers everything with "what".
Thought it was all ok but.

Something's wrong in my head.
Black is blue is green is red.
Something's wrong in my head.

Stupid as shit.
No, stupid as fuck.
Too fast too quick
With no good luck.

You can keep your money,
And you can have your ladies.
I just wanna sit alone
And masturbate it out.

Something's wrong in my head.
Faded out next to the bed.
Something's wrong in my head.

Old People's dead and nobody told me.
I'll go fuck myself cause nobody told me.
I just wanna be your friend,
I didn't want for it to end.

Somethings wrong in my head.
Black is blue is green is red.
somethings wrong in my head.

Fuck it's 4 AM,
And all my friends are gone,
Did I do something wrong?
Oh well just hit the bong!

Stupid motherfucking song.
Track Name: Mary Jane
Oh darlin
My sweet darlin Mary Jane
She always makes me feel so good,
When I want to feel good,
at the times I want to feel good.

She always takes away my shame,
so I can act like a fool in public,
And never get laid.
Oh Mary Jane.

Maria Juanita.
Track Name: Corn on the Macabre
My best friend was a heroin addict.
Told me he stopped but he's still goin at it.
And I don't know what to do,
It's got me feeling so blue,
Coming home from work and his skin is too.